Professional Headshot Session with Ryan Smith Gauthier


Do you ever search people online to see what they look like?  You aren’t alone. Googling a person before you meet them is expected. That's why it's more important than ever to have a headshot that opens doors for you.  One tenth of a second is the speed of a first impression and all the time it takes for someone to judge who they think you are. Your headshot is the face you show to the world and the personal brand you are known for.   Do you appear confident, approachable, and genuine? As your headshot photographer, we will work together to highlight the best of you to create an image that creates opportunities. 


You don’t need to be a model to get an incredible headshot – you just need someone to show you what works! And that’s what I do. My job is to create the kind of environment that pulls out the best in you.  It’s an experience unlike any other photography session you might’ve had before – and you’ll leave feeling positive about what we’ve accomplished. At the end of my session , you'll leave with some stellar knowledge you can bring into every photo that's ever taken of you.  It’s not just a picture. It’s an education.  


During our session, I coach you with professional techniques I learned under the mentorship of Peter Hurley, the world’s greatest headshot photographer.  I'll show you exactly what to do to get a headshot that makes you stand out from the crowd. As I shoot your session, we review your images as we go so you can share what you like, see what’s working and work together to fix what’s not.  We’ll talk, laugh and create together in a way that’s natural, easy and fun.

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