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Hi and Welcome to Smith & Gauthier!  

We are a husband-wife (+son + dog) team based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with a passion for seeing people live out their dreams whether it be through the home they are creating or the memories they are collecting. Ryan is a photographer/videographer and David is a real estate agent and renovations expert.

We believe a better world starts at home. 

We often see people unable to function at their optimal level because their space doesn’t support them or their imagery doesn’t tell the story they are trying to tell. That’s where we come in!  What story are you trying to tell?  Do your imagery and your home support that narrative?  To us, our imagery and our home are ways to say who we are without having to speak.  Our space and our imagery support who we are truly meant to be.  And when life tries to push us in a different direction we feel supported and reminded of what is important by the home we are creating and the moments are collecting.   

God didn’t mean for our work life to be separate from our spiritual life. He meant for our work to fuel us not fatigue us.  But often when you ask someone how they are doing their response is “busy, tired, or can’t get ahead”.  They feel ‘stuck’ in a place that doesn’t feel authentic to them and their gifts aren’t being used to their highest capacity.  

We were there.  Stuck.  And then we got pregnant.  And that little creation lit a fire under our butts to create the lives we were meant to live.  We wanted a better world for him and our life with him.  And just like building a home brick by brick, we began to build a life one story at a time.

And that is where the phrase ‘Be Provoked’ comes in.  Don’t stay stuck.  Be provoked to change your life for better.   If you don’t like your current life, be provoked to change it.  If you don’t like your current home, be provoked to change it.  You spend a large majority of your life either at work or at home.  So make an effort to make sure those places support the legacy you are working to create. 

A home should be a sanctuary, a respite, and a place for you to create. If it isn’t a place for you to build a solid foundation, get refueled and head back out into the world then something has to change because the world needs your gift.

Can you imagine a world where everyone was using their gifts and fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives?  It would be amazing!  But too often the world’s demands crush our spirits and tyranny of the urgent deters our ability to follow the path that God intended for us.  You were created for a reason and if you aren’t fulfilling that reason then the world is missing out on a very special thing it needs, YOUR GIFT!

Whether it be through updating your imagery to reflect who you want to be or buying a home that will allow you to function at an optimal level, we want to help you build the life of your dreams and share your story with the world. 

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Let us help you share your gifts with the world.

Life as you imagine. A place where you have always belonged. Where life’s richest moments are meant to take place.

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More About Us…

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About Ryan’s Photography -

Ryan is an award winning photographer based in Myrtle Beach, SC who travels worldwide for destination fashion, beauty, weddings and commercial art. Ryan received the “Best Photographer Gold Medal Award” from SC Women’s Magazine. When she isn't traveling she is photographing families and entrepreneurs. Her style is unique and has been described as authentic but polished. Some of her projects include traveling to Bali, Indonesia and India with fashion designer Mehera Blum of Blumera while she designed wood clutches exclusively for Fortum & Mason. She also filmed behind the scenes work for the short film "Crab Trap" filmed in Garden City, South Carolina. The film made its debut in Myrtle Beach,SC and Charlotte, NC and won numerous awards for Best Short film and Best in Show at numerous film festivals across the country.

About David’s Real Estate -

David Gauthier moved to the Grand Strand from Hagerstown Maryland in the second grade and never left. He comes from a large family and is the oldest of six siblings. Because of the loss of his father at an early age he had to grow up faster than expected and gained a strong sense of independence. His mother instilled a strong work ethic in him and he has been growing professionally ever since.

His love for building houses translated into a career in real estate. After working for several years in different areas of construction he decided he wanted to help people buy and sell their homes. His knowledge of construction is invaluable to his role as a real estate agent. Throughout his lifetime he encountered multiple situations where people undervalued their home before putting it on the market or overvalued a property when buying it because they underestimated the price it was going to cost to fix it. Because he has physically done the work himself he has extensive experience in the industry.

If you are ready to sell your home or looking for your dream home, David is the man to call.